Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"The Elephant Never forgets." - Try Evernote!

I recently started using a "Cloud" based service called Evernote which syncs my personal and work notes between my home computer, office PC,  phone and iPad or any computer with access to the web.   I have to say that it has saved me on several occasions now by providing an amazing ability to retrieve important information.    The service is the hallmark of a new concept called e-Memory.  

Finally we have the ability to use the computer to recall personal information from almost any location with the freedom of using any device.  Our daily lives are cluttered with receipts, meeting notes, phone calls, audio notes, photos, scans, documents.   You name it.   Evernote has the ability to collect these for you and organize it in such a way that your electronic tidbits can be recalled through the use of automatic text indexing plus user tagging. 

Evernote's User Interface for Mac OS X
Evernote's applications are available for both Mac OS X or Windows formats.   They have applications for iPhone, iPad and other devices such as Android and Blackberry.    Primarily I use this application for work, but it also allows different notebooks to be setup so you can segregate personal notes from work related notes. 

Getting information into Evernote is also easy.   You can scan, email, record audio, or even voice call information through a service called voice2note

If you want to read more about the use of computers to improve your recollection of personal data and information read "Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution will Change Everything" by Gordon Bell.    In Chapter 9 of this excellent primer on technology and memory, Bell (a former Microsoft Employee) teaches you the steps to getting started on a journey to being paperless and recording the tidbits of information that passes us during our daily activities.   
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