Monday, April 19, 2010

Where have all the IP Addresses gone?

I was reading today in the May Issue of MacLife that all the IP addresses will be used up in less than two years.   The current IPv4 system apparently only has 4 billion IP addresses available for use.  (Note: I calculated 8.97 billion but it's likely I don't know exactly how the system works.)  The Internet Protocol addresses are the unique identifiers for our computers that allow us to connect with each other over networks.   So where did all these addresses go?   I can never find my IP address when I need it so maybe they all just got lost (that was humor.)
According to article, IPv6 will be heading our way allowing for 340 trillion,trillion,trillion IP addresses.  That is a big number and I suspect it will be a long time before those can be used up.   The transition will not be easy.   Bottom line for the article was that it looked like a new business opportunity for network consultants and they will be hard to find when the time comes around.   Is this going to be the next Y2K?
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