Monday, April 12, 2010

Facial Recognition: iPhoto '09

I am certain there have been plenty of reviews on iPhoto '09 - Apple's photo viewing and slide show software. I discovered this weekend the FACES feature of this program and am really impressed at how successful the software is at facial recognition of photos as you upload it into the program. Once you tag a face with a name the software ingeniously goes out and finds similar faces making recommendations for you to confirm. The more you confirm the better the recommendations get. Of course there are some errors or false positives, but it is uncanny that even in the false positives there are similar features in many of the faces. When finished you have your entire family and friends organized neatly into groups for viewing. iPhoto has so many good features, I am not sure why I had waited so long to use it. My motivation was the purchase of Apple TV which allowed the slide shows on TV. Apples system of syncing devices such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Mac's really had great utility for users interested in simple systems that just plain work.
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