Friday, March 26, 2010

User Review: Using Google Analytics

It's been a year now since I started using Google Analytics to track the blog and I am impressed with the quality and level of information obtained.

In the past year "The Improvement Guru" Blog has:
  • Received visits from 2,335 Unique Visitors
  • Visits from 83 countries and territories across the globe
  • Visits from all 50 states within the United States
  • A rate of 33% for returning visitors - Loyalty is increasing.
  • And an average time on site of 1 minute and 31 seconds.
For the most part referrals to the blog come from Google, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Bing, Digg and Facebook in order. I have only recently started using Facebook so it's not a surprise that this is low on the list. I was really surprised to see Technorati 19th on the list, I was expecting more from the site dedicated to cataloging Bloggers.

As for content, clearly "Best Numbers for that SuperBowl Pool" was the most popular post of the year with 514 page views. Not surprising the Superbowl is a popular event. In second place was the post on "Wendy's vs McDonalds" Probably these get googled quite often. User Reviews of Software on Risk Engines and Berkeley Madonna Software were also 3 and 4 respectively.

Overall, Google Analytics is easy to use. After sign up you place some tracking HTML code to your blog. Google does the rest. Reports are easy to manage and review. There are good print report features as well. They will benchmark your site relative to similar web sites. Also a new feature I have yet to set in play is Intelligence and Alerts about about usage.

If you like statistics and have an interest in finding out how your website compares to others, Google Analytics is a great FREE tool that can be used to obtain some primary data on traffic and content on your website.
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