Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Scientist Predicts: Earth Crushed under Weight of CO2

Today's post is devoted to the truly preposterous and sensationalized headlines trying to grab your attention related to climate change and or global warming. I have no intention to debate global warming, but just want to present some of the preposterous headlines and stories we are seeing by the GREEN press. What ever happened to a peer review process in science?

1) Divorces Cause Global Warming, Study Say

We'll this is a good reason to promote staying married. If you break up with your soul mate you will be dooming the planet. Imagine feeling responsible for that just because you broke up with your wife. If the guilt of the failed relationship is not enough, now you carry the burden of climate change on your shoulders. (I am sad to say this originated at my Alma Mater - Michigan State University.)

2) Global Warming Clock Unveiled in NYC: CO2 Highest in 800,000 years.

Take a look at this. I admit it's possible CO2 is highest in 800,000 years. What is really certain is that we know we can count higher than we could 800,000 years ago. Someone got paid for this? Do they not even have the least bit of guilt about the electricity used to power the clock?

3) Global Warming will launch the Global Wars

Following the transitive property of logic, getting divorced leads to global warming. Global warming leads to Global Wars. Therefore divorce will also cause Global Wars... and I thought getting divorced was supposed to end the Global War.

4) To tackle global warming more people need to be born and die.

At least the pro life camp will like this strategy. But then perhaps there is an argument here for pro choice as well. None the less, I don't like the thought of being put out to pasture to early just to make room for another new birth.

5) Oceans to Acid

CO2 absorbed by the ocean will turn the oceans to acid. If you read the article the conclusion has nothing to do with the headline. What this article doesn't say is that there is a limit to solubility of CO2 in water. You can look it up, its in any good scientific handbook. So the ocean can only hold a limited about of CO2, it will still be water and not acid....

6) Global warming to hit poor worst, says U.N.'s Ban

Rich people apparently will have it better with climate change than poor people. "But it is the poor, in Africa and developing small island states and elsewhere, who will suffer the most, even though they are the least responsible for global warming." In other words, the rich countries caused this so they must be made to pay!

7) Nine alien insects to cause pain, illness and even death in Britain as climate warms up

Those pesky illegal alien insects! Hey UK, here in the US we have something called RAID! Just make sure you buy the can with CFC free propellants.

8) Effects of Global Warming on Ancient Mammalian Communities and Their Environments

It appears ancient mammals also had a problem with global warming. At least their fossils survived.

9) NPR President: Climate Change to Make LA Traffic Even Worse

According to this guy climate change will drive millions of immigrants to LA resulting in even larger traffic jams. This must be true because its from NPR!

I could go on all night with this but while doing research I found that someone else was already compiling a really good list of things caused by global warming. It's from a UK website called Number Watch which is devoted to calling out misleading and false numbers that rain down from the media. If you are not already depressed over the impact that you are having on the earths climate then check out Number Watch's list and find out all the other problems you are responsible for.

Finally, I am thankful for still being married. I could not fathom the guilt I would bear knowing that I contributed even a small amount to global warming by getting a divorce.
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