Tuesday, June 02, 2009

How BING will surpass Google!

If you haven't tried the new search engine BING you need to give it a spin. I think already I see improvements over Google on just some short use this afternoon.

1) The related search offerings which come up on the left hand side of the screen are all relevant and offer logical branching opportunities to new areas. To be fair Google has related search but they are at the bottom of the screen and I seldom noticed it.

2) I tried a simple search on Houston Astros and compared it to the offerings of Google. Wow! what a difference. BING not only came up with the key sites but presented current data as well. Recent game performance, record, standings, and streak were easy to see. The format is well organized.

3) One thing I noticed is Google does seem to retrieve more overall hits and does present the time of search. Time of search is lacking in the BING screen.

4) Color - Wow! BING gives color to the screen which makes it enjoyable compared to Google.

5) Speed - I could not and didn't have means to measure it but I have to say that BING seems as fast as Google if not faster. Maybe someone else will take the time to post data on this sometime soon.

6) Image searches are also very good. Once in an image page the thumbnails jump at you when you roll the mouse over them. To the left there is a variety of options to change size, layout, etc.

Overall, my initial impressions of BING are that it is going to be a great competitor for Google and maybe will knock Google off the top of the search engine pyramid. Check out the chart at the bottom of the page as I will be tracking the Technorati posts on Google vs Bing. I think Bing will grow exponentially in popularity!
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