Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Do you Hold Efficient Daily Meetings?

With a former employer I had the need to meet daily with my staff and exchange important information about activities at the plant. One of the best LEAN solutions that I was able to implement was the concept of a Stand Up Meeting for daily focus. This technique is particularly useful in a face paced environment.

It's exactly like it sounds. Everyone attending the meeting stands and faces each other in a circle. The agenda was simple. We did a clockwise rotation starting with me. Each reports on:

1) What I did yesterday.
2) What I plan to do today.
3) What obstacles will I face.

Three things to discuss that's it. I had an 5 minute timer and no one was allowed more than five minutes. You will be surprised how effective it is to have to organize your thoughts first thing in the morning and actually tell people what you plan to do for the day.

I had a white board near by and I would always write down the top three things from each person.

When we were done if the obstacles were important to tackle, I would help guide the staff to the solutions. I learned about his method from a post I read by Martin Fowler. I recommend you check it out. I simplified it for my situation, but his overview goes into detail on how you can set these meetings up for yourself. I thought the method was good and worth sharing. It worked well for me and provided focus to my engineers.
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